1954-55 Stage lighting at Yale; edit and publish Voices (literary magazine)

1956 Direct A Sleep of Prisoners (Fry), The Hungerers (Saroyan)

1957 Move to New York

1958 Begin writing for The Village Voice

1959-68, 71-74 Theatre critic, The Village Voice

1962-65 Associate editor, The Village Voice

1962-68 Produce Obie Awards

1963 First play: I Like It produced at Caffé Cino

1965 Direct Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters (Stein), Icarus’s Mother (Shepard); More! More! I Want More! (Charlip-Dodd-Smith) produced at La Mama

1965-66 Write Names and Events

1966 Write Near the End; The Next Thing produced at La Mama

1966-68 Manage Sundance, multi-arts festival in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

1967 Light A Funny Walk Home (Weiss); co-edit Eight Plays from Off-Off-Broadway (anthology, Bobbs-Merill); run lights for La Mama Troupe (London); direct Chas. Dickens’s Christmas Carol (Agenoux)

1968 Run Caffè Cino (January-March); direct Donovan’s Johnson (Agenoux), With Creatures Make My Way (Koutoukas), Vorspiel nach Marienstein (Dodd-Ondine-Smith), Dr. Kheal (Fornés); The Life of Juanita Castro (Tavel); move to San Francisco; Theatre Journal: Winter 1967 published (University of Missouri Press)

1969 Move back to New York; run lights for Earthlight; direct Hurricane of the Eye (Peluso); Theatre Trip published (Bobbs-Merrill); The Best of Off-Off-Broadway published (Dutton)

1970 Direct Captain Jack’s Revenge; run lights for Play-house of the Ridiculous rep (La Mama); write Soestio (published as Automatic Vaudeville, Fast Books, 2005)

1971 A Dog’s Love produced at La Mama; Captain Jack’s Revenge produced in London; direct Tony, Peas, Eat Cake (van Itallie), XXXXX (Hoffman), Country Music (Obie Award)

1972 Direct Bigfoot (Tavel); light King of the United States (van Itallie); More Plays from Off-Off-Broadway published (Bobbs-Merrill)

1973 Direct Tango Palace (Fornés), Double Solitaire

1974 Direct Prussian Suite, A Wedding Party; move to Stonington

1974-77, 80-85 Working for David J. Way, Zuckermann Harpsichords

1975 Julian Bach Smith (son) born February 10

1976 Write and direct Cowgirl Ecstasy; American Baby published (Fast Books)

1977 Move to Taos; Cowgirl Ecstasy produced in New York; Alfred St. John Smith (son) born October 31

1978 Direct Krapp’s Last Tape (Beckett), The Zoo Story (Albee), West Side Story (Laurents-Bernstein-Robbins); arts editor, Taos News; tech director, Taos Community Auditorium

1979 Light Fiddler on the Roof; direct Life Is Dream (Calderón-Smith)

1980 Move back to Stonington; A Wedding Party produced in New York

1981 Write Heavy Pockets

1982- Living Theatre board

1983 Write Half Life

1984 Write 100,000 Songs (opera libretto)

1985 Direct A Shot in the Dark (Kurnitz), Curse of the Starving Class (Shepard); A Sojourn in Paris published (Fast Books)

1986 Light the Mystic Paper Beasts; write High Points of Youth; move back to New York

1986-89 NYC Mayor’s Office (Koch)

1988 Write Bum Rap (with Oren Jacoby)

1989 Light Judith Malina’s production of I and I (Lasker-Schüler)

1990 Light Living Theatre European tour

1991 Translate Agatha (Duras); light Rules of Civility (Washington-Reznikov), Ancient Boys (van Itallie), The Zero Method (Reznikov), Living Theatre European tour, Living Theatre benefit; MacDowell Colony: write Wild Dogs

1992-94 Move to Santa Barbara; move in with Carol Storke; arts editor, Santa Barbara Independent; found Santa Barbara Independent Theatre Awards (Indies)

1993 Direct Entertaining Vancouver; light Living Theatre New Mexico tour

1994 Direct Time Is a Round, Come In Here, Haunted Casa

1995-2000 Editor, Santa Barbara Magazine; Lobero Theatre Foundation board

1995 Present recital by Jerome Lowenthal; produce Choreosplash!

1996 The Dinner Show produced

1998 Produce Trouble; found Genesis West; write Original Body

1999 Produce Buried Child (Shepard)

2000 Fast Forward produced; direct Featuring Loretta (Walker); produce Featuring Loretta, Criminal Genius (Walker), Escape from Happiness (Walker), Dogs Bark All Night

2001-03 Center Stage Theater board

2001 Direct The Danube (Fornés); produce The Danube, Mud (Fornés); Original Body revised as One Single Time

2002 Produce Turnip Family Secrets (Smith-Woodard); direct Krapp’s Last Tape (Beckett); light Kiss of the Spider Woman (Puig), Happiness (Walker); write Human Beans, write Sex/Life

2004 Move to Silverton, Oregon; translate Victor, or Children in Power (Vitrac); Brush Creek Players board; direct Beyond Therapy (Durang), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Abbreviated) (Shakespeare); write When I Was Gay (memoir)

2005 Silverton Poetry Association board; begin writing daily blog; direct The Flight of the Butter Boy (Jackson); light Blue Heart (Churchill) (Indie Award)

2006 Produce and direct Trouble; light Far Away (Churchill) and The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? (Albee); publish Automatic Vaudeville

2007 Light The God of Hell (Shepard); write, produce, direct, and design Bad Dog and Other Plays

2008 Write A Cat’s Tale (fiction)

2009 Write, design, and direct Summer Lightning

2010 Write, direct, design, and produce Hamlet in Love; edit (with Magie Dominic) and publish H. M. Koutoukas, 1937-2010, Remembered by His Friends; publish Every Day Arising (blog poems 2005-2010)

2011 Publish Johnny! (personal memoir and documentary biography of John P. Dodd)

2012 Publish Chain, novel by Ronald Tavel

2013 Publish My Dear, Sweet Self: A Hot Peach Life by Jimmy Camicia; publish Rhapsodic Photography: Selected Poems 1964-2012; Malina Sky Pellegrini Smith (granddaughter) born February 5

2014 Publish Plays I and Plays II; publish Names and Events: New York, Winter 1965-66

2015 Publish Having Loved by Judith Malina; publish Old Dime Box Stories by Niel Hancock; publish Theatre Journal: Reviews from The Village Voice, 1960-1974; 80th birthday; publish Six Stories

2016 Publish Ecuador Journal by Bill Hart

2017 Publish How to Be Funny and Play Work; publish 25 Plays by Robert Heide